Discover Pangkor Island

Travelling has a power to heal and discover Pangkor Island as your beach holiday destination seems like the best idea. Pangkor Island is a place where you can enjoy a moment in nature and have beach therapy by letting waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat.

Discover Pangkor Island

Discover Pangkor Island has a lot of tourist attractions which make it look like a paradise island. It is surely the best place to visit among local and international tourists as there are a lot of exciting activities that can be done such as water sport activities, visiting historical places, animal activities, eating local foods and shopping.

The main attraction to discover Pangkor Island is it has a number of sandy beaches, pristine beaches, and also islands, for example Pasir Bogak beach, Teluk Segadas beach, Teluk Nipah beach, Giam Island and Mentagor Island, where the tourists can do various water sports such as swimming, banana boat, snorkeling, jet ski, marble, island hopping and snorkeling with the marine life. Moreover, historical places are also worth a visit like Dutch Fort, Foo Lin Kong, Sri Pathira Kaliamman Temple, Historical Rocks and Floating Mosque.

For animal lovers, there are animal activities that can be done such as feeding hornbills at Sunset View Chalet and learning about turtles at Teluk Ketapang Turtle Conservation. The significant part about Pangkor is, it is famous for its seafood especially blue-eyed anchovies and its delicious local food would quench your thirst and satisfy your craving.

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Discover Pangkor Island

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