Marina Berthing

In Malaysia, there are not many places that offer yachting facilities like Marina Island, a good place to berth yachts that belong to international people, indirectly allowing the locals to meet them.

In Marina Berthing, you will see numerous beautiful yachts which give off international vibes and views that are rarely seen in Malaysia. This charming panoramic view of berthing will make you feel enlivened and enlightened. The enchanted view can be your intimate setting for your wedding photoshoot and a perfect background for an oversea-like picture.

Do visit Marina Berthing where the beautiful yachts will be your favourite view as you marvel at the beauty of berthing through your fresh eyes. This place is truly the best place to have an outing with friends, just to calm your mind and enjoy the panoramic view of Marina Berthing. Whip out your cameras because you’re in it for a treat and get snappy!

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