Shopping at Duty Free Pangkor Island

Starting from January 2020, Pangkor Island has changed its status to a duty free Pangkor Island, a place where you can purchase your happiness by shopping and getting what your eyes want.

Shopping at Duty Free Pangkor Island

Shopping at Duty Free Pangkor Island. Similar to Langkawi Island, Pangkor Island is like a chocolate heaven for chocolate lovers where there are 300 types of imported chocolates available as well as locally made chocolates that are sold at cheaper price. These chocolates can be purchased at Laris Duty Free, SP Duty Free and CK Duty Free. These are the chocolates shops where you will see various chocolates are neatly placed on the racks and you might not want to leave the place without grabbing everything.

Apart from that, Pangkor Island is also famous for its dried seafood especially its top-quality blue-eyed anchovies, one of the specialties of Pangkor Island. Once you come to Pangkor Island, you will see numerous shops, for example Hai Seng Hin Fish Factory and Hasil Laut Paksu, that offer a wide variety of products that made from seafood such as dried seafood, snack, frozen seafood, salted fish, satay fish and crackers. Most of these products will be prepared in vacuum-sealed packaging to maintain its freshness and to make sure you grab some before you leave this island. Some shops like Hai Seng Hin Fish Factory will allow you to visit its factory where you will see and learn how they process the products.

Last but not least, a visit to Pangkor Island will not be complete without buying souvenirs for your family and friends. There are different range of souvenirs items that you can purchase such as apparel with Pangkor Island prints or shells designed colorfully. Buy some for your keepsake and a remembrance that you have visited Pangkor Island, a paradise of an island.

Marina Island Pangkor is strategically located on the west coast of Perak, and just 5 minutes away from Lumut town and 10 minutes ferry ride to Duty-Free Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut Resort. An idyllic tourist destination surrounded by untouched nature, beautiful ocean views and lagoon views that have attracted locals and international travellers to come over for a stay or a daily visit. Enjoy numerous fun activities and discover our hidden gems in Marina Island that will make you wish to revisit in the future.

Moreover, you can also explore other famous places to visit while you in Perak. Visit Tourism Perak Malaysia website:

Shopping at Duty Free Pangkor Island

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