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CEO: RM23 per day parking fee at Pangkor Marina Jetty Complex reasonable

LUMUT, Feb 13 — The RM23 per day parking fee imposed during peak hours on visitors to the Pulau Pangkor Marina Jetty Complex is reasonable because the facility is provided at the jetty, has a huge parking space and provides easy access to the island.

Marina Island Pangkor Resort and Hotel chief executive officer Ding Mei Looi said that the RM23 charged is for those who park their vehicles for six hours and above while those who park for less than six hours are charged RM1 per hour.

“We also provide free parking for an hour after payment to facilitate the visitors to get ready to exit the jetty. Actually, the total charge of RM23 is reasonable because we guarantee the availability of parking lots which are situated quite near to the jetty,” she said when met at the Toss to Prosperity 2024: 72M (metre) Longest Lou Sang in Perak ‘Huat Ah’ event at the Pulau Pangkor Marina Jetty Complex here today.

Earlier, the jetty had gone viral on social media for imposing very high parking charges on visitors parking their vehicles there to go to Pulau Pangkor.

Meanwhile, this is the fourth year that Marina Island is hosting the longest yee sang tossing programme in Perak, with this year’s 72m length reflecting the age of its founder. — Bernama

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