MGROW MD2 Production Center (Manjung Naluri Processing & Training Center)

Manjung Naluri Processing & Training Center (Pusat Pemprosesan Hasil & Latihan MGROW) located in Sitiawan is a training centre for those who want to secure new skills and increase productivity in Agri Products.

The center offers training skills such as;

  • Food processing (Pineapple Juice, MD2 Paste, MD2 Jam, MD2 Vinegar, MD2 Chocolates, Cili sauce, Cendol, Dodol ‘Betik’ and more)
  • Basic Occupational First-aid
  • Computer system operation
  • Pineapple Cultivation
  • Computer System Operation
  • Fruits and Vegetable Retail Operation
  • Basic Life Serving – CPR
  • Understanding & Implementation ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)

The center does offer visitors a behind-the-scenes tour of the MD2 Foods Processing area (Handmade Chocolates and Truffle) as well as some ocra colouring activities and Eco-Enzyme preparation using Pineapple. These activities are by invitation only. Call 012-468 4839 for any enquiry.

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