Mee Udang Selambak Cik Wa

Mee Udang Selambak Cik Wa offers a calm and peaceful dining experience with ample parking and a great view.

Opening Hours:

2:00PM - 9:00PM


The highlight is the fresh prawn dishes. The prawns are plump, sweet and perfectly cooked, making for a delicious and memorable seafood meal.

Whether you choose the signature prawn noodles or another prawn dish, you’ll enjoy the natural sweetness of the prawns along with the tangy herbs and spices.

For seafood lovers who want to enjoy tasty prawn dishes in a tranquil atmosphere, this is a must.

The food: Mee Udang Selambak , Mee Bandung Udang Selambak , Nasi Goreng Udang Selambak , Maggie Kari Berempah.

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