Detox *Stem Cell *Leisure Holiday

Luxury wellness program that is affordable

Detox- Cleanse your internal body with Marina Wellness Traditional detoxification Programed. Using local traditional diet and detox activities to clean inner and outer physical body together with mind and soul. Enjoy personalized yoga, healthy cooking class, art classes all cater to relax your body whether direct or indirect.

Collaborate with reputable multinational hospital and professional doctors with anti-aging experience. – 5 star hospital experience.

What is stem cell –  A cell that upon division replaces its own numbers and also gives rise to cell that differentiate further into one or more specialized types.

Benefit: –

  • Regenerate and repair damaged and ageing tissue
  • Boost the energy and stamina, i.e. improve overall Health
  • OA (reduce bone and join pains), Heart, Diabetes, Stroke, Auto immune diseases, diabetes etc.

Our standard package of 12 days Detox* Stem Cell * Leisure Holiday is priced individually at RM 250,000. As every anti-aging programmer can be personalized to individual’s needs and benefits, we are pleased to welcome enquires for quotation.